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Drive Planning

What to expect

Ready to get started with Drive Planning? Learn more about how we’ll work together.

Joining Drive Planning

Welcome to the Drive Planning Community! Upon deciding to join us, you will be asked to fill out an application online. Within 24 hours of submission, look out for an email containing detailed instructions on submitting your initial investment.

Submitting Your Investment

Preferred Method: We recommend transferring funds via wire transfer for efficiency. It is crucial that the amount and name on the wire transfer exactly match those on your application to avoid any delays in processing.

Alternative Method: Should you opt to send a check, please be aware this may extend the time period before you start accruing interest due to the necessary clearing period for a check.

Next Steps

Upon receipt and processing of your funds (via check or wire), you will receive your Promissory Note via email within three business days. The email will be sent from

Renewal Process

Approximately 30 days before your investment’s renewal date, you will receive an email with a DocuSign form to complete. This form allows you to manage your investment renewal according to your preferences. Please complete and return this document within seven days of receipt to avoid an automatic 90-day rollover of your investment.

As your consultant, I will also receive a notification of your renewal and will reach out with a courtesy reminder to ensure you do not miss this crucial step.

Important Reminder

Regularly check your spam folder to ensure you do not miss any critical communications from us. It is common for members to overlook important documents when they are not in the main inbox. As a suggestion, add email addresses to your contact list that relate to your Drive Planning investment to avoid potential mislabeling of emails as spam.