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We first heard about Drive Planning through our best friend who invested with them before starting to represent the company. She had gone through the investment cycle herself, demonstrating the ease of regaining control over her funds after a 90-day cycle. This transparency and her firsthand experience were compelling reasons for us to consider Drive Planning seriously.

Our stance on investments is pragmatic; We understand that every investment carries its own set of risks. However, real estate investment seemed like a tangible and reassuring approach.

Our strategy with Drive Planning is to generate a steady income stream every 90 days. The goal is simple: to ensure a seamless transition into retirement without dipping into the nest egg, effectively replacing our current income. This strategy not only promises to extend the longevity of our retirement savings but also mitigates the stress associated with financial planning for retirement.
Our experience with our consultant, Cynthia Kerstiens, has been nothing short of exceptional. Her trustworthiness, responsiveness, and professionalism has consistently reinforced our confidence in Drive Planning. Knowing I can rely on prompt and informative communication is invaluable.

Attending an event hosted by Drive Planning was an eye-opening experience. It provided an opportunity to meet the people behind the scenes, from investors to the owners, fostering a sense of accessibility and community. The owners’ presentation was insightful, offering a comprehensive understanding of the program and further solidifying my trust in their vision.

We have recommended Drive Planning to others and plan to continue doing so. We like the idea of knowing what the 90-day payout is if we want to use the funds. It makes planning a budget so much easier. Although we started with the minimum investment, our plan is to incrementally build on it. Drive Planning has offered us a strategic avenue for securing our financial future without just relying on a 401K.