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start Building the life and retirement that you deserve

We will work with you to transform your financial future by leveraging the financial strategies that have long been exclusively available to the extremely wealthy.

About Me

Meet Cynthia Kerstiens-Stewart

Diving into investments and financial planning can be overwhelming. You want to build a path to financial stability, but you might not be sure where to start. That’s why My Drive Planning team is here—to help you navigate your way to a bright financial future.

My team’s approach is all about personalization, tailored to fit your unique needs. Let’s team up and create a plan that not only meets your goals but also gets you excited and at peace with where you’re headed.

Keep More

Wealth building strategies will keep your money growing and safe from inflation, taxation, litigation, market fluctuation and devastation.

Make More

Drawing from time-tested financial strategies employed by the ultra-wealthy, we’ll develop a personalized plan to maximize your wealth.

Live More

Through our financial planning, we aim to secure a prosperous retirement for you while giving you confidence that your money will outlast you.


Private Investments

Take charge of your financial journey by selecting investments that match your objectives. With these private investment options, you gain the flexibility to invest in short, mid, or long-term opportunities, tailored to your needs.

Drive Planning has sponsored Indy Car #67 with driver Elliot Cox for the Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing Team since 2023.

How My team and I can Help you

Investment approach

My team and I help direct clients to a variety of investments that give you greater control over your financial life. I want you to not have to rely on Statement Wealth and instead secure Contractual Wealth arrangements. Drive Planning’s investment portfolio goes well beyond Wall Street to present you with private investment opportunities that provide you with more freedom and flexibility.

How My Team and I can help you


Many accountants mainly report results and offer limited strategic advice. I believe in unlocking significant tax savings through comprehensive planning that leverages the entire tax code—a service often exclusive to the super wealthy, until now. I bring in partners to incorporate strategic tax-saving strategies into your financial plan.

How My team and I can Help you

Why Drive Planning

Drive Planning is a financial group that is invested in guiding clients to financial success. As a partner, I can leverage the network of experts in my Drive Planning team to work with you to help you take control of your future so you can keep more, make more and live more.


How we work

1. Financial GPS

We kick things off by rounding up your financial details to get a clearer picture of your financial life.

2. Financial model

My team will input your details into a financial model to spot any issues and find potential opportunities.

3. Working together

With a good grasp of your finances, we will work together to make smart money moves that lead to a brighter future.

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